Silicon Networks Web Hosting FAQ's

General Questions

What is the Silicon Networks Internet Solutions Web Hosting service?

The Web Hosting Service is the cutting-edge World Wide Web hosting solution. The service provides a cost-effective means for your company to establish a professional business presence on the Internet. This is a solution that serves as the foundation for electronic marketing and communications, and allows the interaction that is needed to keep pace in today's information age. The Web Hosting service will allow the user to reach a global audience twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Who should use Shared Web Hosting?

The service design is for those companies that want to establish a Web presence without having to install a dedicated Internet connection and manage a Web server.

Who should use Dedicated Web Hosting?

This service is designed for those companies that are interested in establishing a more aggressive presence on the Web. Using a dedicated hosting service gives the flexibility and freedom to create server side applications that give added functionality to a static Web site.

What are the benefits associated with having a Web site hosted by Silicon Networks Internet Solutions?

  • Silicon Networks managed hosting platform
  • Web Site management reporting
  • Domain Name Registration
  • High bandwidth network capacity
  • Technical support
  • CGI, Email, and Image map support
  • Unique IP service address
  • Domain name service
  • FTP user account for content uploading/upgrading
  • Web server host security
  • Unlimited content updates
  • 24x7 customer and technical support
  • Weekly report summarizing site activity

What speed connection is the Web server on?

The Silicon Networks Internet Solutions Web Hosting server is connected to Silicon Network's state-of-the-art network. The web server environment leverages redundant connectivity to the Internet.

Where can I get a ZIP/UNZIP utility?

Check out:

*Silicon Networks, Inc. does not officially certify the above list, or any other client software program listed in the above mentioned sources.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes. Silicon Networks offers consulting services in the following areas:

  • Internet Security Analysis
  • Internet Security Architecture Development
  • Internet Security Policy Development
  • Internet Security Policy Review
  • Firewall Integration
  • Penetration Analysis

Service Levels

What Web Hosting Services do you offer?

Silicon Networks Internet Solutions offers two levels of Web Hosting: Shared and Dedicated. In the Shared Web Hosting Service, customers share a common serving platform and Internet connection for their Web sites. The Dedicated Web Hosting service offers a single server and Internet connection platform for each individual customer.

What do I get with the Shared Web Hosting service?

The Shared Web Hosting service is a cost effective method for the small or medium size business that is just "getting its feet wet" on the Web. You will be able to choose a disk space level that fits your needs. Choose from 5 MB to over 100 MBs of storage space for your files. This service includes domain name registration, FTP access to the server, unlimited Web site updates, and usage statistics.

What do I get with the Dedicated Web Hosting service?

The Dedicated Web Hosting server is an ideal solution for businesses that demand increased functionality for their Web site. The organization will have its own server which provides an appropriate platform to serve custom and advanced applications. This service includes domain name registration, FTP, HTTP, and TELNET access to the server, unlimited Web site updates, and usage statistics.

What is included with domain service?

This service allows your business to use a unique domain name for your home page URL on the World Wide Web. Silicon Networks Internet Solutions will manage the initial registration of the domain name on your behalf and perform DNS resolution for that one name as well.

Can I charge other people to have space on my account?

The Dedicated Web Hosting service permits you to sell Web sites on your server. Reselling of Web space on the Shared Hosting level is prohibited.

Server Platforms

What kind of server platforms do you use?

We offer hosting solutions on Microsoft Windows NT platforms because of the stability and reliability of the Windows NT architecture.

How is my site monitored?

Our Network Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Network systems engineers constantly monitor both server dynamics and connectivity links to ensure optimal performance. Network failures are resolved promptly so that down time is negligible.

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